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Little Villagers Pre-School - Where every child is an individual

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“The quality of the provision is outstanding.”

Ofsted Report 2015

Ofsted Report 2015

Little Villagers and the EYFS

Little Villagers Pre-School offers girls and boys the opportunity to develop in a caring and secure environment.   Together with this, it follows a carefully planned curriculum, in line with the Early Years Foundation Stage.  This includes the following areas of learning:-

Prime Areas:

Personal and Social Development

Communication & Language         

Physical Development

Specific Areas:



Understanding the World

Expressive Art and Design                                                         


Our aim is predominantly to prepare children for ‘school readiness’.  It is important to understand this isn’t simply about your child writing their name or counting to 10 – it is about making sure they can make friends, they are confident to ask for help and most importantly can think for themselves.

At Little Villagers we offer an environment where ‘school readiness’ can be easily achieved. The children learn through play, albeit carefully structured play.

All our activities are stimulating and age appropriate and are based around the interests of the children.


We start by teaching children the Prime areas of learning, these are the building blocks for the Specific areas, once we are sure children are confident within the Prime areas we move them on knowing they have the ability to develop within the Specific areas.


Children’s independence is encouraged, they have access to a fenced outdoor play area attached to the pre-school.  All of our resources are accessible by the children and we have an even mix of Adult and Child led activities throughout the day.


The children have the opportunity to socialise and interact freely with both children and adults.  They are encouraged to respect other’s feelings and opinions and to be polite and helpful.


We believe that learning should be fun, and that children who are having fun will be learning.

Our aim is to allow all children to fulfil their own individual potential within a happy environment.  By giving reassurance, praise and encouragement to the children, they will develop self-confidence and self-esteem.


We encourage Key persons, staff and parents to work closely to develop each child’s full potential.


Ideas on how you can help your child develop can be found on our website and we have an open-door policy where we are very happy to discuss your child’s development at any time.


Every child is unique and an individual play plan will be created specifically for them so they can develop at their own pace – we are constantly working towards your child’s next stage of development – ensuring they progress during their time at Little Villagers.


All our planning works towards the learning outcomes in the EYFS and these outcomes are expected to be achieved at the end of your child’s school reception year, Little Villagers is the beginning of their journey.